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In a first-person shooting game called Western: Invasion, you play the role of the sheriff in town and have to use your shooting ability to defeat all 100 outlaws that are getting in your way. The game brings a big challenge to you, so you can hone your skills as well as show them off!

When stepping into Western: Invasion unblocked, you are armed with a shotgun that must be used wisely for defeating all enemies. You are alone here, no one stands by your side besides enemies. You have to kill them all on your own using your trained skills or even smart strategies and good tactics. The enemies are so much! They outnumber you! There are up to 100 enemies competing against one sheriff like you, making the battle imbalanced. But, don’t let that disadvantage take you down. Try to aim then deal accurate shots to the opponents, inflict damage on them as much as you can and stop them from killing you at the same time. You are able to slay them with just one hit, also, with a fast reload mechanism featured in the game, you will have the ability to destroy all that get in your way. The faster you kill, the higher the scores you earn. How many scores can you get? Play Western: Invasion online now! Much fun with it!


Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, press the spacebar to jump, use Shift to run, aim with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse button, use R to reload, L to toggle the cursor, and P to pause the game.


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