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Forest Invasion unblocked is one of the best gun games from the Y8 games series. It’s always fun to play shooting games online for free, where you can express your shooting skills and meet new opponents. Forest Invasion free online is a game for you if you are looking for a shooting game to master your skills. Come play it in your browser whenever you want, and every time you play it, just prove that you are the best shooter.

In Forest Invasion game, you will compete against aliens that are trying to take over the human’s planet. Their spaceships have crash landed to the forest. They want to reach the city where lots of people are living. Once they have come there, the city will be captured by them, causing humans to be in danger. You and your men cannot let that happen, and you are the only ones who can save the day. You was given the mission to kill all the aliens as well as stop them from reaching the city. Protecting the humankind against these aliens is your main duty now. You are armed with a wide array of weapons with different characteristics to use. Make use of them to deal damage to the aliens, leave none of them alive, and finish them off before they make any moves to the city. You should lead your team carefully, guide them with smart strategies, and together, all of you will win. Forest Invasion online features various achievements for you to unlock. Also, you will earn points as you kill the aliens. The higher the points you have, the greater the chance for you to top the leaderboard. Have fun!


Move your character using WASD or arrow keys, run with Shift, jump with spacebar, crouch with X, use items with F, pause with P, aim with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse, zoom with the right mouse, reload with R, change weapons with the mouse wheel scroll, and toggle the cursor with L.


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