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Play Crazy Box Sokoban Remake a free online puzzle game and help Smileys escape! Try to complete your mission as soon as possible to become the best player! It's necessary to make use of your own thinking ability! Besides, you are also recommended to look around the stage after your access. Both of them will allow you to find out proper solutions faster.

At the start of every level in Crazy Box Sokoban Remake unblocked, you can see your friend getting stuck. He is surrounded by several boxes. To lead him to the exit, you are forced to deal with these items. By moving, you can push them to the place that you want. Watch out! Your action can cause you to lose. Actually, don't move objects to the position where you cannot get to them! However, it's very easy to restart whenever. To end up every challenge excellently, you must deploy movements sparingly. Good luck!


Use the arrow keys to move your character and push the box


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