Causality Game 7 Unblocked Click here to play!
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A group of black human shapes are enjoying their leisure time. Suddenly a boom happens; no one survives out of the accident. Play causality game 7 unblocked instantly and check out what happened. Where did the explosion come out of exactly? The answer will show itself right here. You are hence supposed to detonate the space by triggering the cause. In this case, it is gas. Now we need light or fire, even electricity. Look around! Search for the sources. Because of the sole room in this play, stickman will not go anywhere. They congregate here till the deaths come and take their lives away. You cannot separate them either, hence the only choice to bring them down without noticing is to implement the mass slaughter at once. Join in immediately my dear friends! Causality games definitely rejoice your blue mood greatly, you will see!


Your mouse is the only mean in order to play this game.


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