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Abandoned City unblocked is a thrilling first-person shooting WebGL game with 3D graphics. You can play Abandoned City free online to put your shooting skills to a test then see if you can vanquish all the challenges as well as kill all enemies. Playing shooting games is one of the best ways to entertain, relax, and more importantly, to upgrade your skills. Feel free to play it in your browser to show off the skills.

Abandoned City game is all about an epic battle set in a big city where the human population has been destroyed by the zombies. You are the only hero who can save the human race. The waves of zombies will come to your base, so you should have a good preparation to encounter them. You are provided with a wide array of weapons. Just take and use them smartly to deal damage to all the zombies before they take your base. You are alone yourself in this battle, so don’t expect to get any help. Just stay calm and load your guns up then point the guns at the zombies to blast them all. When you can get through more waves of the zombies, you will get closer to the ultimate victory. The battle is going to be tougher, hence, you should try your hardest to beat it with your excellent skills. Are you ready for this war in Abandoned City shooting game? Play it for free now! Have a blast with it!


Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Use Shift to run, spacebar to jump, E to pick up objects, X to crouch, L to toggle the cursor, aim with the mouse, click the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to zoom, the mouse wheel scroll to change weapons, R to reload, G to choose grenade, and P to pause.


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