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Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

User: Jessica Published: March 7, 2020 Category: Action

About Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

Explore Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D a new free online 3D action game and take part in an exciting adventure your way! Start off with an animal and help him complete all of the given quests in the fastest time! Aside from finding out every way to survive in the environment, you are also required to help humans.

Play Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D unblocked you need to search for food to feed yourself and kids. Besides, you do not forget to protect everybody from your family from something harmful. A shelter will llow you to do that. While hunting, you can improve your skills. As mentioned above, you awill have to finish the challenges assigned as soon as possible. Do not ignore your children! Teach them abilities and raise them smartly! It promises to be an interesting story. Finally, remember to open upgrades! Let’s begin and experience everything now!

How To Play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to walk, Space to jump, Shift to sprint, LMB to hunt

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