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Whack The Thief Unblocked

User: Jessica Published: July 27, 2022 Category: Unblocked Games

About Whack The Thief Unblocked

You are about to face gory scenes in Whack The Thief unblocked which is a hilarious entertaining game. Come and join Whack The Thief now and see what happened to your house! Hey, dude, you are paying too much attention to playing video games, that’s why the evil thief is breaking into your house for looting things. Now, you need to stand up and find ten ways to kill him. You can use the items in your room as weapons to attack this insolent thief. Try to protect your properties at all cost and don’t let the thief stay alive. Click to enjoy Whack The Thief unblocked now!

How To Play

Control the game with the mouse only

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