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War Machine Game

User: Jessica Published: April 18, 2015 Category: Unblocked Games

About War Machine Game

The US Army is in need of your help for the fierce battle in War Machine game. Are you willing to help them defeat the foes? Take control your War Machine to destroy the enemies now! In this game, your objective is to battle your way through the foe lines in order to reach the base in the shortest time. Drive your Hummer as a war machine to annihilate all of the adversaries. Try to control and drive your vehicle over the boxes, barrels and other things to complete the mission. Earn more scores by squeezing these impediments on your way. Ok, let’s show your battle skills in this Shooting Game now!

How To Play

Use up arrow key to go forward, down arrow key to move backward, left arrow key to balance left, right arrow key to balance right Tap key Enter to change direction

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