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Vikings Aggression

User: Jessica Published: May 4, 2020 Category: 3D Games

About Vikings Aggression

Vikings Aggression is a free Unity 3D game set in the year 1060 AD. Your character is trapped in a strange castle wall. Not only that, he is going to fight against tons of crazy enemies that he doesn’t know who they are. To save him from that situation, you need to help your new friend defend from every dangerous situation and escape.

Play Vikings Aggression unblocked online like a knight and you will have to face hundreds of the foes at once. Try to wield your sword carefully! It will be the main weapon that you can use to protect yourself. Killing everybody aggressive around will allow you to improve your own survivability, too. In Vikings Aggression, it is useful to increase your scores. Ton unlock achievements, remember to finish quests as soon as possible! Are you ready to hop into the arena and show up your skills? Attempt to stay alive at the end of the combat!

How To Play

Strike WASD or Arrow keys to walk, Space to jump, Shift to run, Left Mouse to cause damage

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