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Greeting to Uphill Rush Unblocked, which is a famous game of Unblocked games, is to show your technical virtuosity of the stunt in Uphill Rush. If you want to become a keen racer, please take part in this game now to enjoy the feeling that you have never experienced before. This game is like an exciting adventure with the default vehicle to overcome a difficult and dangerous racetrack. There are many types of Motorcycle cups. But you can’t decide what mode you will race, you have to complete easy to unlock the normal mode. You should choose the mode to win the hard mode. Try to get a high score and collect all the items on the track as many, as you can, to create the most impressive in this game. let’s experience now!


Up/down : accelerate/ reverse
Left/ right : lean backward/ lean forward
Space: jump
Z : turbo
P : pause
M : on/of minimap


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