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UNO is a very popular card game in the world, and with UNO Online unblocked, you can play against many friends from around the globe. This online version is totally free to play. You will earn a lot of fun with a brand new experience once playing it. There are some action cards featured in UNO online game for you to use, such as draw card, skip card, reverse card, and wild card. Each of them has its own function. Thanks to these action cards, the gameplay becomes much more interesting to master. You are supposed to use them smartly at the right time to get an upper hand on your opponents. Try to match the card by either color or number, you need to discard all of them in your hard into the discard pile. In case you are unable to place a card, you will need to pick a new one from the draw pile and put it in your hand. You aim to eliminate all of your cards before anyone else. Have fun with UNO Online card game!


Use the mouse to interact with your cards in the game.


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