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TU-46 Unblocked

User: Jessica Published: June 6, 2015 Category: Sport

About TU-46 Unblocked

TU-46 unblocked should never escape your experience if you want to know the feeling of being a pilot. Engage in this Racing game and prove your talents! Your mission in this awesome game is to take control the airplane, drive the passengers through 6 countries and deliver them to the destination. Make sure you have to perform your utmost skills, stay focused while controlling and improve your plane with new upgrades. Okay, that’s enough for waiting! Jump to this game at Unblockedgam.org! Good luck!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to steer, press key I for engine toggle, key F to change flaps Tap key G for gear toggle, key E to use an extinguisher, spacebar for turning around, key Z to use turbo boost.

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