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ToT or Trivia

User: Jessica Published: August 10, 2022 Category: Physics

ToT or Trivia free online is an addictive puzzle game with idle click mechanics. Get ready to join the crowd in fun board puzzles and hunt for your bounty!

About ToT or Trivia

ToT or Trivia no download will give you hours of great relaxation with puzzles. Test your luck in dozens of hilarious pranks in two typical modes here with others!

The gameplay is not too complicated because you just need to click on the screen to play. But to win, you need wise choices and luck. You can choose between ToT and Trivia modes. Each mode has its own rules but are simple to understand. The puzzles in both modes will make you happy whether you win or lose.

Play ToT or Trivia on PC and Mobile

In ToT mode, the game will give you and others puzzles with two choices. You should think carefully before deciding which one to choose. If your choice matches the majority, you will have a chance to proceed to the new puzzle. Otherwise, you will be eliminated and only receive 50 gold coins in ToT or Trivia APK.

Meanwhile, in Trivia mode, it consists of quizzes that you have to answer correctly. Your victory now does not depend on the opinion of the majority. Instead, you only win if there is a correct choice for each puzzle. However, after each quiz, you can also see the percentage of people who chose correctly.

This simulation quiz game not only impresses with its entertaining gameplay, it also owns a lovely cartoon design. The characters in the game are funny and lively cartoon dummies. They wear funny clothes that you can find at the game store.

ToT or Trivia unblocked is always one of the best arcade games online here. It does not require you to think or manipulate too much. Simply click to select and test your luck. Moreover, you can interact with others while playing!

How To Play

Select the answer you want with left click

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