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Tom & Jerry

User: Jessica Published: April 9, 2015 Category: Unblocked Games

About Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry is one of the most outstanding Kids Games on the Internet. Grab this occasion to flee the boring life and embrace your childhood time with two lovely famous characters of the animated series, Tom & Jerry. You can select your favorite character then head into the fascinating game. As for Tom, your target is to throw the water balloons at Jerry and Nibbles, you only have 5 times for one turn. As for Jerry, you need to steal, pick up and drop the delicious food to your Nibbles while dodging Tom’s attack. Now, it’s time to begin the Online Games! Click to play the Tom & Jerry now!

How To Play

For player Tom: Use the arrow keys to move your Tom, tap spacebar to throw water balloons For player Jerry: Use the arrow keys for the movement, tap spacebar to pick up and drop food.


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