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Thumb Fighter

User: Jessica Published: July 27, 2020 Category: Arcade Games

About Thumb Fighter

In a fun one-button fighting game called Thumb Fighter unblocked, you have a chance to present your fighting skills when you can just use one button only to control your fighter. Feel free to play Thumb Fighter game online for free which is one of the best Arcade games played by many players around the world.

The game is full of action, challenges, and humor. Since it only supports one button for the control, the gameplay becomes easier a bit to master, but it still requires you to have good fighting skills, and especially you can time your action well to defeat your opponent. Both players enter an arena where you must fight one another. Use your button to control your fighter and let him attack as well as deal damage to the enemy while trying to avoid attacks from them. Your goal is to defeat your opponent in this one-button fighting competition to become the winner! Play and have fun with Thumb Fighter online!

How To Play

Player 1: Use A to control Player 2: Use L to control

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