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User: Jessica Published: March 27, 2023 Category: .iO Games

Tall.io is a free unblocked io game with addicting gameplay. Compete with a lot of online strong opponents in Tall.io matches and grow into the tallest player!

About Tall.io


Tall.io game is a massive battle and you should overtake it before you dominate the arena. But, it’s a hard goal since you are facing numerous cunning challengers.

To rank up in the multiplayer io online match that you pick, you should gather bricks of the same color to get taller. Meanwhile, you must evade obstacles and other people that are stronger than you. However, you can go through gates and hit trees.

Tall.io free unblocked is a breathtaking stickman game online in another style. Access the battlefield and face new enemies now!

How To Play

To move your character around, you can click and drag your mouse around.

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