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Sweet Doughnuts

User: Jessica Published: April 27, 2020 Category: 1 Player

About Sweet Doughnuts

Sweet Doughnuts is a great 1 player timing game free for girls and everybody who loves cooking. Enter a strange and clean kitchen to help the new friend complete her job. Opening the pack of curds will be the first target that you need to finish. It will be the initial step to help you dig deep into the remaining exciting part later. Not only that, you can become the best player if you collect three stars. To achieve that goal, you’d better fulfill your mission quickly. Are you willing to give Brooke a hand?

Play Sweet Doughnuts unblocked online you will see a lot of tools in the place. Keep calm! You will be guided and you should pick out the proper items fast. When you click on the objects, the meter on the right side will be filled. Do not forget to race against the clock! Attempt to end up the level before you run out of time!

How To Play

Play Sweet Doughnuts game by using the mouse button

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