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Stickman Sniper Tap To Kill

User: Jessica Published: March 30, 2020 Category: Shooting

About Stickman Sniper Tap To Kill

Stickman Sniper Tap To Kill unblocked is a sniper killing game online featuring a wide array of levels with different objectives. If you are a fan of FPS and shooting games online, you will want to play this title to experience awesome challenges! The game is free to play in browsers, so join it whenever you want.

Prepare your shooting ability for the challenges in Stickman Sniper Tap To Kill free game! You will go from the easy to hard level. You are sniper sniping enemies from afar without getting caught. The main goal here is to kill the identified secret agents in the least amount of time possible before you run out of bullets. Each level gives you a specific number of agents you need to eliminate and you have to identify them accurately before taking on them. For example, for level 1, you must kill an agent with a purple hairstyle, and when you move to level 2, your targets are now the ones with hats. Try to pinpoint your targets fast because they are roaming through the city, and sometimes, they are hiding somewhere in big buildings. The identity of your targets is provided at the beginning of the level. So, make sure you take a look at it carefully. Focus on your missions and complete them all to become the winner! Have fun with this stickman-styled sniper game!

How To Play

Use the right mouse to zoom and click the left mouse to shoot your targets in the game.

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