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Stacky Bird

User: Jessica Published: August 5, 2022 Category: Skill

You can play Stacky Bird online for free here for hours to discover the fun journey. Just click to spawn and pass levels to hunt for bonuses and trophies now.

About Stacky Bird

Stacky Bird

Stacky Bird unblocked is an adventure game where you will play with a bird. Your job is to stack the eggs to help the bird overcome obstacles and reach the finish line.

King Spiky has captured your girlfriend bird and now you must join Stacky Bird to save her. It’s time for you to start your adventure journey to the king’s castle through fun levels. In each level, you must help the bird overcome the terrain obstacles and reach the destination safely, thereby unlocking new levels.

You need to stack enough eggs to help the bird rise above the terrain. If you come across a plane with 2 squares, you will need a minimum of 2 eggs. Just click to stack the eggs, but you need to be quick and accurate. Moreover, the speed will be faster in Stacky Bird for kids.

Play Stacky Bird Online on PC No Download
Play Stacky Bird Online on PC No Download

At the end of a level, you will receive bonuses to use for shopping and unlocking. Firstly, you can unlock new locations in new levels to go deeper into the king’s castle. Besides, you can shop for unique skins to refresh the experience. It can be turtle skins, chickens, pigs and many other funny animals.

Besides, don’t miss decorating your birdhouse in Stacky Bird ios. You can buy sofas, decorative flowers, beds and more and design the aviary yourself. So try to play better to shop more and enjoy more new stuff!

It’s great that you can play Stacky Bird online no downlad here. The game allows you to enter the arena to compete with your friends in daily and weekly leaderboards. Besides, it also has many limited time events for you to participate in and earn rewards.

How To Play

Left click or Space to spawn

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