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Stabfish 2

User: Jessica Published: July 29, 2022 Category: .iO Games, Survival online is back with new content waiting to be discovered. This is an ocean fighting game that is loved by many people on the current web browser.

About Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2

Join to enjoy uncompromising shark fights. It’s time for you to master the ocean by controlling your shark optimally and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Join with the goal of becoming the strongest shark in the ocean

If you are a lover of battle royale io games, you should not miss the appearance of for free. Join the game, you will become a shark with the task of fighting with other sharks. They are all other players around the world, so keep your focus and be careful when fighting.

Stabfish 2 is a Fishing iO Game Unblocked
Stabfish 2 is a Fishing iO Game Unblocked

Choose your favorite shark to start fighting

Before starting, you will choose for yourself the most suitable sharks to fight. There are three types of sharks that you can choose first: Blue Shark, Great White Shark, and Megaladon. All three types of sharks can evolve after each stage and give you more optimal fighting abilities.

Focus on increasing size and loot in game

The battles in unblocked take place at high speed and fast, sometimes the opponent can destroy you in a split second. Therefore, you need to move quickly and try to destroy all opponents in front of you. When defeating an opponent, you can increase in size by absorbing food drops from them.

Not only does it stop at the competitive element, this game also allows you to loot and craft new combat equipment. All loot in battle will be transferred to your pocket in the form of materials, blueprints, and decorations. This is the time when you should use materials to craft items according to the design. online is ready to bring you exciting shark battles on web browser. If you don’t want to fight alone, you can also form a team and compete in the events that the game offers. Show your mastery of shark control and top the leaderboard to prove it to everyone.

How To Play

Hover to control the shark, click left or right to perform skills

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