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Spiderman Laboratory Lockdown

User: Jessica Published: March 14, 2020 Category: Action

About Spiderman Laboratory Lockdown

Are there any fans of Marvel out there? Are you ready for Spiderman Laboratory Lockdown game about Peter Parker? It’s true! Your Spiderman is back to a new mission. In this action game, it looks like Vulture, Doctor Octopus and Goblin have captured Horizon Labs. They must be up to do something and it’s no good for sure. You play as Peter Park trying to sneak into their place after you have hacked the system. On your way, you must find all the key items in every stage as you attempt to avoid getting caught by the security guards. Once you have opened the high security laboratory, transform yourself into Spiderman and use your special skills to defeat all the villains. You must use your spider webs smartly to capture them all before they escape. Each stage of the game brings you a new challenge! You are a Spiderman, nothing can stop you from completing the mission. Play Spiderman Laboratory Lockdown Online!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, and click the left mouse button to select

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