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User: Jessica Published: August 8, 2022 Category: Survival

SpiderDoll unblocked is a game with physics where you will transform into a guy like Spider-Man. You will pass cities one after another with many challenges.

About SpiderDoll

Escape from the pursuit of OctoPuppet in SpiderDoll 2D will bring you a lot of interest. Take control of the guy like Spider-Man and get through the challenging levels.

There are many cities with different backgrounds waiting for you to explore in SpiderDoll unblocked. Your task is to control the guy with the impressive ability to swing like Spider-Man to cling to buildings and move. Things will not be simple when there is a fierce pursuit of OctoPuppet behind.

After each stage, you will face many new obstacles that make everything new. But remember, if the swing fails, you will fall to the ground and lose. Therefore, you need to be very careful in each of your actions to complete the level in the best way.

In SpiderDoll Game, Use Keyboard To Overcome Obstacles
In SpiderDoll Game, Use Keyboard To Overcome Obstacles

The difficulty will continuously increase in this action game by appearing more obstacles. At the same time, new contexts will make it harder for you to access new mechanics constantly appear on the screen. Just one wrong swing is enough to make you start everything from the original place.

The online leaderboard is also one of the features that make this game more attractive. This is the place for you to show your talent to players around the world by climbing to the top. In addition, you can also use the money collected after each level to unlock new skins for the main character.

In the latest update, SpiderDoll game has added a story mode and a bunch of new enemies. This means that you will not feel bored when completing the familiar levels before. In general, new content will be continuously developed and released to players in the near future.

How To Play

Use left/right mouse to shoot spider webs and Space to shoot at enemies.

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