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Road Rash 3

User: Jessica Published: March 25, 2015 Category: Unblocked Games

About Road Rash 3

Let’s participate in one of the most ultimate Racing Games called Road Rash 3 to become a professional racer. Road Rash is a bike racing game which is so familiar to everyone one, and now it’s finally back with the third edition. In this version, the game will feature more novel things such as nice graphics, gameplay, high quality of music and sound, etc. In the game, you can select the tracks before starting your playing. You will ride a bike to compete against other opponents. Try to speed up as fast as possible, leave your opponents behind, kick the opponents in turn to eliminate them and become a legend. Don’t forget to upgrade your bikes, or you can purchase new bikes with the earning cash. Let’s start your fascinating performance in Road Rash 3. Good luck!

How To Play

Use arrow keys for D-pads. Use right arrow key for going right, left arrow key for moving left. Down arrow key to slow down, key C to speed up. Tap key X to perform the trick. Tap spacebar to select or insert the coin, press Enter to start the game.

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