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Raft Wars Multiplayer unblocked is ready to welcome players from around the world to an epic raft battle. The game is made by Martijn Kunst and TinyDobbins who are also the creators of Raft Wars 2 and Raft Wars. You should get ready to start the battle against your opponents! In this multiplayer version, you and your brother Simon must fight off enemies of all kinds to protect your treasure from being taken by them. The only way to attack them is to launch your shots from your raft. This may sound easy, but your shots may get affected by the wind. You have to adjust the angle, charge up an attack then launch it. All teams are sited on rafts in the sea and they must take turns to shoot each other. The first team eliminating all members of the other team will win. Hence, you and your brother must be the last team standing on the sea. You can improve your weapon with defense structures after rounds you win. Are you ready? Play Raft Wars Multiplayer online now!


Use the mouse to adjust the angle, click the mouse to charge up an attack then release it to shoot.


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