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User: Jessica Published: November 1, 2022 Category: .iO Games

About Polygun.io


Polygun.io is a new 2D top-down shooter io game. Enter a retro match and make use of the weapon that your tank has so as to evolve. With the experience that you collect during the challenge, you will be able to get faster, stronger, and become the winner. In Polygun.io free online, you will have the chance to check out various abilities. Are you ready to crush everything on the arena with your power? Aside from the enemy, you should not ignore the presence of polygons. Some of them are the real foes in Polygun.io unblocked. They will fight back and you must play down them before it’s too late. The EXP will be increased and you are advised to save it until you can purchase upgrades. They are great to enhance your stats. Remember to select the right items to improve! It is important to master the evolution tree and rule the entire realm! Good luck!

How To Play

Utilize WASD keys to go, the mouse to aim, left-click to shoot, hold the left mouse button to auto-fire.

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