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Paintball Gun Pixel 3D

User: Jessica Published: April 29, 2020 Category: Shooting

About Paintball Gun Pixel 3D

Paintball Gun Pixel 3D is one of the most delightful 1 player shooter games free online. It is set with 3D graphics and a cool multiplayer match in the retro style. Take part in the challenge and try to complete the mission as soon as possible! So, what you have to accomplish in the new battle is to eliminate all of the enemies. You should earn the highest score and survive if you want to become the winner.

Experience Paintball Gun Pixel 3D unblocked at home or at school as your preference! More importantly, you need to master how to use your paintball gun and other abilities. Aside from shooting, you are able to jump, crouch, chat and zoom in or out. It’s very useful for you to defend your player from dangerous cases and stay alive! Besides, remember to reload promptly! Bullets are really powerful although the weapon is ordinary. They can cause the death of you in a wink. Attempt to keep living and conquer the top spot! Good luck!

How To Play

Press LMB to shoot, RMB to zoom, WASD/Arrows to move, R to reload, Space to hop, C to crouch, T to chat, P to play full-screen

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