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Pac Xon

User: Jessica Published: April 8, 2020 Category: Power Up

About Pac Xon

Pac Xon unblocked is a Pac Man style game online with new features and familiar gameplay. You can get ready for an adventure in Pac Xon free game and see if you can beat it. Like the original Pac Man game, in this title, you also control a Pacman around a closed area. The mission for you is to create closed squares to minimize the current area that the ghosts and move around in. These ghosts are making their movement a lot, so you need to finish a closed square or a rectangle before they touch any part of it. If you let them come in contact with the square, it will become red and you cannot complete it. Each level gives you three lives to play. This means you have to move fast as well as be careful. Pac Xon online features 50 different levels to master. Try to conquer them all! Have fun!

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move your Pacman around the area. If you play it on mobile, slide finger across the screen to move your Pacman.

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