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Set out a thrilling adventure for gems in Mo Miner unblocked – a classic gold-digging game that is free for all. Being rich must be fun! You can buy anything you want but dream about it only when you earn yourself a huge amount of gems with gold in Mo Miner free game. Playing this title also allows you to hone your digging skills. Get ready to join it now!

In Mo Miner online, you have to take control of your miner carefully to dig for gems as you attempt to earn money and upgrade the miner through over time. There is a goal for each day, and you need to reach that daily goal to complete the mission. You will be given a specific amount of gems to reach for each day. Try your hardest to dig deeper into the ground, aim at your target carefully, then quickly collect it. You should stay fully focused on your mission because if you make a mistake, it will be hard for you to meet the goal, even worse, you may fail to complete it. After having a good amount of gems and money, you can freely purchase lots of cool items in the store then use them to upgrade your abilities for having a better performance at digging gems. Mo Miner game is proud to help you improve your digging skills. Play it now!


Use the left mouse to shoot, Enter to release the digger, left/right arrow keys to steer, and down arrow key for booster.


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