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MiniRoyale 2

User: Jessica Published: November 28, 2022 Category: .iO Games

About MiniRoyale 2

MiniRoyale 2 is an exciting MMO Battle Royale game set in a 3D arena. In which, you must fight against every enemy online. The main aim is to become the last survivor. In order to conquer the target and become the top player in MiniRoyale 2 unblocked, you’d better survive and score. Don’t forget to search for good weapons and essential supplies! Aside from playing the match solo, it is also free to team up with friends or somebody! Have fun!

How To Play

Hit WASD keys to roam, Left mouse to shoot, Space to jump, TAB to open inventory, Caps Lock to check the map, 1-4 to pick weapons, X to pill or syringe, H to emotes.

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