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User: Jessica Published: March 10, 2023 Category: Adventure Games

Explore MineClone unblocked game and learn how to survive in a strange world by yourself! Also, complete every job inside MineClone to live well in that place!

About MineClone


MineClone is a location for those who like minecraft games online. It provides the player with enough tools to craft, build, and make the world unique in your way.

Play MineClone online and you will move across areas to find resources. Remember to make use of your equipment to mine and gather helpful blocks! Actually, they will be materials to put up a house and create other objects.

MineClone game is not an adventure only. Aside from that, it’s necessary for you to finish tasks relating to construction as fast as possible.

How To Play

Roam around the world with WASD and jump with Spacebar. Mine blocks, build, or clear with Left or Right Mouse. Visit your inventory with E. Swap the weapon with the Mouse wheel.

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