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Are you willing to give a hand to the world in Mighty Knight 2? This 2-Player game unblocked will rock you by taking you to the intense battles. Well, the world in the game is in danger, so you must stand up and become the brave Knight to take out all the wicked enemies who are trying to assault you. Make sure you will perform your skills, kill the foes and restore the freedom. It’s time to begin the game now! Wish you luck!


1-Player mode:
• Use the arrow keys, keys WASD for the movement, press key P to pause the game, key J to attack, key R to restart
• Tap spacebar to change character keys KL to use skills, key numbers 1234 for hotkeys.
2-Player mode:
• Player 1: Move with the keys WASD, key F for attacking, key G, H to use skills, spacebar to change character
• Player 2: Use the arrow keys for the movement, key “,” to assault, key “./” to use skills, key “\” to change character


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