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Lucky Fisherman

User: Jessica Published: August 5, 2022 Category: Power Up

Lucky Fisherman free game is ready to give you the authentic fishing experience. Transform into a fisherman and go fishing in the sea and complete the goal.

About Lucky Fisherman

Lucky Fisherman

Join Lucky Fisherman 2D to complete fishing missions coming from the system. Every moment of fishing will bring relaxation, but keep your focus and work agile to win.

The sea fishing in the animal fishing game will challenge you on many levels. Your task is to catch the required number of fish from the system in the allotted time to win. Next, things will become more difficult through the fascinating fishing challenges that this game brings.

Lucky Fisherman’s gameplay is quite similar to the classic gold digging game with inherent simplicity. You just need to help the fisherman catch the specified number of fish in the shortest time to complete the game screen. Wait for the right fishing coordinates and tap the screen to swing the hook in the indicated direction.

Play Lucky Fisherman And Experience New Fishing Style
Play Lucky Fisherman And Experience New Fishing Style

The more precise the coordinates, the better your chances of catching a big fish will be. At the same time, the appearance of treasure chests under the ocean will also make you feel excited. All treasure chests are random, so luck will be the deciding factor.

After each fishing game screen, you will receive a bonus equivalent to the previous achievement. This money will help you unlock new hooks or additional items in the next levels. You can buy any item you want to make fishing easier, each item will have different effects during fishing.

Play Lucky Fisherman free online, the fishing process has been greatly simplified compared to reality. Although you only need to use a basic one-touch operation, you will have to calculate the correct fishing time to complete the challenge. There are many levels and diverse fish systems waiting for you to explore in this exciting game.

How To Play

Click the left mouse button or the down arrow to shoot the hook and the up arrow button to drag the hook.

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