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Horror Tale

User: Jessica Published: March 28, 2023 Category: Escape Games

Horror Tale is a creepy survival unblocked game. Beat puzzles through 5 different locations of Horror Tale and fortify your tree house to block the kidnapper!

About Horror Tale

Horror Tale

Horror Tale html5 is a game where you must protect yourself from a monstrous kidnapper to save all missing children and even with you. Can you survive and escape?

There is a mysterious story inside your 3D horror game. Additionally, you can deal with plenty of riddles and search for lots of useful items. More importantly, you should defend the house and your space from a scary character.

it’s free for you to play Horror Tale online full screen now! Shall you explore and conquer five areas of the game?

How To Play

Move around the location with WASD Show your action with F Squat down with C Drop something with X Throw an object with G Open the hint menu with H Pause the story or skip cutscenes with P

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