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In Horror Nights Story unblocked, you must use your escaping skills to run away from evil creatures following you behind. Have you ever felt like there are mysterious creatures lurking behind you? That’s so creepy to think about it, right? Now, with Horror Nights Story gameplay, you will feel it all. You are stuck in a dark place which is more like a long dark tunnel full of creepy creatures. You have to smash blocks, dig down and find a way out of there as fast as possible before you get caught by those creatures. You need to use your time smartly when trying to break blocks. As you dig deep, you can place C4 to blow up the blocks faster to create a pathway for your escape. The game features three different scenes with horror challenges to conquer. You have to survive for all nights, get out of the place, and win! If you love to play horror games, don’t forget to check out Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon! Play Horror Nights Story Online now!


Use the mouse to dig, break blocks, add fuel, and place items in the game.


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