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Hobo 5

User: Jessica Published: September 17, 2022 Category: Action

Hobo 5 unblocked witnessed the alien kidnapping of a homeless guy. In Hobo 5, you need to help him get back by defeating the enemy and unlocking new skills.

About Hobo 5

Hobo 5

Hobo 5 brings a whole new setting where you will explore the spaceship setting. Your main task will still be to control the homeless guy to show his fighting skills.

In Holo 4, the homeless guy was captured by the city army. They handed him over to the military station in outer space to study the special abilities of this homeless guy. Of course, you need to help him get out of this captivity as soon as possible so he can return to earth.

It is not difficult to recognize the non-stop fighting gameplay of Hobo 5 game right from the first experience. Here, you need to fight against the guards in front of you to find a chance to return to the dear earth. This is not a simple task, because the guards in this game are very good.

The main character’s skills will also be better in Hobo 5. You will constantly unlock new skills to increase your odds of winning when fighting enemies. These skills will be most effective when you perform the correct combo sequences on the keyboard and vice versa.

Not only fighting with the hateful guards, but you will also meet the clone of this homeless guy himself while fighting. It’s a kind of experiment from your own body studies. Therefore, it will possess all the skills of the homeless guy makes everything very difficult.

In general, the outcome in Hobo 5 unblocked will still depend entirely on your control skills. This Hobo no flash game allows you to choose the right level of play from the very beginning. You can choose the Easy level to access or choose the Hard level if you want to challenge your skills.

How To Play

Interact with the homeless guy's through the arrow buttons, and the A/S button to fight

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