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About Hexanaut.io


You can play Hexanaut.io free online here and test your moves and strategy now. You will compete with many others to occupy colorful tiles to expand the territory.

This is an online game inspired by the classic snake game genre. But it offers some unique new features that promise to keep you entertained for hours. Instead of controlling snakes and searching for food to grow over time, you will eat colorful squares to expand your area to infinity.

Area size determines your strength in this slither snake game. To achieve great size, you need to show wisdom in many contentious situations. If you are a safe person, you can try to eat as many empty squares as you can to expand. On the contrary, if you are brave enough, trap others to occupy their fertile area.

Play Hexanaut.io Classic Multiplayer Online
Play Hexanaut.io Classic Multiplayer Online

Other players’ areas are always the best loot. But be careful when you intend to invade them, otherwise you may have to start over from the beginning. Ideally, you should eat the empty squares to reach a certain size. After leveling up, you can think of a few tricks to cut through others.

Meanwhile, you can’t cut through your area either. You must always move outwards in search of new areas, thereby extending your colors further. The game gives you a large map, enough for you to build a territory for a long time. What matters is how long you can survive to do it.

So, do you think you are the strongest in Hexanaut.io unblocked? Come here and test your strategy to conquer many other players on the online map. While playing, you can position yourself on the leaderboard.

How To Play

Navigate your character to expand the territory by moving the mouse

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