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Helmet Heroes

User: Jessica Published: December 10, 2015 Category: Action

About Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes

Why not joining an amazing world full of funny creatures? Helmet Heroes is such a wonderful place to discover! Also, it’s an addictive MMO game bringing you a challenging adventure. You will get so much fun and amusement! There is a wide range of activities that you need to fulfill. First of all, just make friends and team up with them to become the strong force. Then, go for the forthcoming battles between other enemies, you need to utilize your weapons so well to annihilate all the adversaries. Also, the game gives you a chance to raise your pets and help them grow up, then put some equipment on them to become stronger. You also have to keep your weapons and stuff upgraded all the time! Wish you luck and have fun!

How To Play

Control your character with arrow keys or keys WASD Hit spacebar to assault enemies, key E to collect the items

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