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Gravity Zero

User: Jessica Published: March 9, 2023 Category: Classic

Gravity Zero unblocked game is about the story of an astronaut collecting shuttle parts. Travel around the space of Gravity Zero and help him end his mission!

About Gravity Zero

Gravity Zero

Gravity Zero is a unique driving game because you must use your skills to direct him until he gathers enough shuttle parts. Don’t ignore the support of black holes!

When you play Gravity Zero free online, you have to aim and click to launch that character carefully. Otherwise, he can crash into spikes and die. The difficulty level will make you hard to complete your job quickly.

Now, Gravity Zero game is one of the HTML5 games online that you can join to test your shooting ability as well. Good luck!

How To Play

Left-click on the black hole to suck the man or release him. Move the mouse to aim before throwing him.

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