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Giant Rush!

User: Jessica Published: March 20, 2023 Category: Action

Giant Rush! is a unique and astonishing unblocked running game. Begin the battle in Giant Rush! by collecting stickmen with gems to grow bigger than the enemy.

About Giant Rush!

Giant Rush

Play Giant Rush full screen and you can experience the new fighting game easily. Before you meet your rival and defeat him, you should get bigger and stronger.

You will win the arcade action game you love if your opponent is weaker than you. To knock out him, you’d better move carefully and fast to gather groups of stickmen. Additionally, you should pick up gemstones on the track.

3D Giant Rush unblocked is a fun game where you can generate a very big character by using a simple but exciting way. Good luck!

How To Play

Drag your mouse to move the runner to the left and right. Click to attack your enemy after running.

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