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Getaway Shootout unblocked is a great 2 player side-scrolling action game. Take part in a chaotic competition and race against multiple opponents. Try to hit the checkpoint before the rest to become the winner!

Play Getaway Shootout free online and you can travel through many different unique maps. In which, you are able to collect a lot of power-ups while heading to the goal area. Besides, it is easy to grab several weapons scattered across the battlefield! When you combine these special items and with your own jumping ability, you can not only overcome dangerous obstacles but also get an edge over somebody nearby. Further, it's feasible to escape. Remember that it is not simple to jump! You can be stuck somewhere for a long time. Actually, it's hard to master physics. It's more interesting if you join the room with your friends! Let's invite them to explore the adventure right now! Good luck!


Player 1: Choose W to jump to the left, E to jump to the right, R to deploy a power-up
Player 2: Press I and O to jump, P to utilize special items


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