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Free Gear Hacked

User: Jessica Published: April 17, 2015 Category: Unblocked Games

About Free Gear Hacked

Free Gear hacked is an interesting retro racing game delivering you various challenges through different tracks. Are ready to become the best racer in Free Gear? You should try it now because it is a fascinating racing game. Your mission is to take control your cheap vehicle to compete against other racers in five discrepant tournaments. Remember that you need to place at least third on these tournaments. You will only enter the tournament if you qualified in the previous one. Upgrade your car with the earned money on each race, and try to speed up as fast as possible to win the world championship. Enjoy the Free Gear hacked at our website now!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to drive the car, tap key C to utilize the nitro boost Press key Z to gear up, key X to gear down, key P to pause the game

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