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Football Masters: Euro 2020

User: Jessica Published: March 5, 2020 Category: Sport

About Football Masters: Euro 2020

Football Masters: Euro 2020 is a free sports game. Enter the playfield and embark on a cool 2 player match as your preference! The main aim is alike with Basketball Stars 2019. Actually, you need to score the highest goal before you run out of time in order to claim the great European Football Cup. It is not a simple mission. Actually, you are joining a competition with several strong rivals at once.

Play European Football Cup online you will control a team. As a leader, you should command your teammates smartly. So, they are able to steal the ball, pass it or tackle somebody whenever you plan. Meanwhile, you must defend your side. Do not skip special effects that you gather from power-ups scattered on the ground! They can create super shots or make you teleport. Therefore, you will complete the target and defeat your competitor sooner. Good luck!

How To Play

Player 1: Choose WSAD to jump, slide and move, V to deploy a super shot, B to shoot
Player 2: Press Arrow keys to control your player's moves, L to kick, K to cast a super shot

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