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Escape Lighthouse Island Game

User: Jessica Published: January 3, 2015 Category: Escape Games

About Escape Lighthouse Island Game

After surviving out of a ship wreck, you reach the shore of a deserted island. It should be a big dilemma now. Into the
escape lighthouse island game
meanwhile manage an escape route. Take a tour around the island and see what possibly unleash your mind. There will lay a chain of interrelating factors, retrieving of the previous factor will decide whether you possibly gain the following clues. The play comes to an end when you successfully find out the mean, here as a boat. But prior to reaching this final target, you must undertake a grand quest crossing the whole region, including the tower, the greens and the house. In reality, most of the essential items would be found in here. Hence, look around thoroughly. Search the house and figure out the code numbers which unlock those safes. Discover what is hidden inside then. Ok! Take your chance to join
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How To Play

Use the mouse to control this play.

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