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Duck Life: Space

User: Jessica Published: March 24, 2020 Category: Animal Games

About Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space online is a new chapter in the Duck Life game series. This installment opens new crazy challenges for players to conquer. In the previous chapter, your duck became the champion of Duck Racing competition on Earth. However, the wicked aliens have stolen your crown, so now, you and your duck make a decision on stepping into the universe to take your prize back as well as revenge those aliens. There are more tournaments opening for your duck this time, so have your skills ready to join them. To become the next champion, you must train your duck in various abilities so their statistics can be upgraded. Besides training, make sure you feed your duck frequently to remain the stamina and energy. Duck Life: Space unblocked features 6 planets with various tournaments, such as Earth, Moon, Mars, Terra, Freez, and Pyro. Do you think you and your duck can conquer all of them? Have fun with this animal game!

How To Play

For running, use the left mouse to change the side. For swimming, use arrow keys to swim. For flying, use the left/right arrow keys to move your duck.

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