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Cyber Dog Assembly unblocked is a fun animal Y8 game in which you can play and improve your collection of toy war robots. It’s a free game to play in browsers and it keeps you entertained for hours thanks to its unique gameplay. Before stepping into the game, you should pick a mode you like. There are two modes here: online save or offline save. The online save will store your game progress on the cloud, give you more lives to play and allow you to make and share the screenshot with your friends. The offline save just saves your progress locally. So, you are highly recommended to try the online save.

Cyber Dog Assembly free online features Cyber Dog with great shape. The mission for you in this animal game is to assemble the dog with unique equipment, protect and enhance him with cool weapons. Assembling the dog is the first thing you have to do. When you fully make the dog, you can go and teach him in the training arena. There are many challenges for your dog to conquer when he is in this arena. Since the place is full of bombs, obstacles, and enemies, your Cyber Dog must know how to refuse bombs, jump over all obstacles and shoot all enemies. When you get through all of this, your dog will become much better. You can take the last challenge, conquer it too, and make your dog robot much cooler by decorating him with colors and texture. If you choose the online save, you can take a screenshot of your Cyber Dog then send it to your friends. Have fun with Cyber Dog Assembly game!


Use the left mouse button to interact with your Cyber Dog in the game.


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