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Crush The Castle 2 Hacked

User: Jessica Published: April 17, 2015 Category: Shooting

About Crush The Castle 2 Hacked

More castles in Crush The Castle 2 hacked need to be squeezed! Attend to Crush The Castle 2 to help the King Redvonian destroy the foe castles now! After taking over the Arcturia, our King wants more castles to be crushed. Incidentally, the King Blutias has built his castles in his island known as Crushtania. Your mission is to help the Redvonian King annihilate the enemy castles using the trebuchet. Try to aim and launch accurately to crush their castles, complete the target to unlock new achievements. Ok guys, it’s time to show off your shooting skills in Crush The Castle 2 Hacked! Have fun!

How To Play

Control the game with the mouse You can use arrow keys to view the castle

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