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Taking inspiration from Slope, Crazy Roll 3D unblocked also puts you on an endless track where you must control a 3D ball and help it run fast to earn a high score. Playing Crazy Roll 3D free game is a good way to test your reflexes as well as your running ability. Since the game features the fast-paced element, you must think fast when directing the ball to keep it on the track. As your ball rolls, you can gather speed down a chain of interconnected slopes. On your way, make sure you pick up the blue diamonds too. The more diamonds you have, the more items you can purchase, which helps continue your progress easily. Make use of those items to get over the obstacles on the track easily. Also, you should use the power-ups to enhance your survivability as you roll. With unique gameplay as well as awesome features, Crazy Roll 3D online is a great ball game to master.


Use A/D or left/right arrow keys to steer your ball left/right. Press number keys 1-3 to use a power-up.


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