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On the peaceful surface of the sea, a brutal ending emerges. Lift your body up to take a part in causality pirate ship game and contribute to the chaos here. The mission is simple, isn’t it? There must be thousands of cause eventually leading to the deaths. May you come up with some? Even a humble plot will cause the mass killing easily. For instance, observe the artillery there, you may take advantage of this useful tool, blow up the boat or boom the bodies into pieces. There are also sharks wandering around the ship waiting for the unfortunate failings. Be hurry up to join in causality games that represent for mind plays. The performance will not be tricky at all, but you may need a while to figure out the way and the supporting means as well. If you get any problems, just activate the stuffs randomly thence. Nonetheless, the framed rule of silent death should never be ignored.


Use your mouse to control this game.


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