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Cat Wars unblocked is an Arcade game online about a cat's life. Get ready for this new exciting math game and test your skills with it now! In this title, you play as a hungry cat that has to defeat other stray cats for tasty sausages. Since you are hungry, you just want to eat all of them, but you cannot reach the food if you don’t defeat other enemy cats yet. The way to beat them is to answer a series of math questions as fast as possible. This means the strength of your cat totally counts on your ability to solve all math questions. When you answer each question accurately, your cat will tug the sausages a little bit closer to it, causing the food to be far away from other cats. That’s how you defeat them in this food battle! Make sure you think carefully before giving any answers! Your goal is to become the best cat of all! Join Cat Wars free game online! Have fun!


Use the mouse to choose a cat and select answers in the game.


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