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Bubble Tanks 2 Hacked

User: Jessica Published: April 4, 2015 Category: Classic

About Bubble Tanks 2 Hacked

Bubble Tanks 2 hacked is a great bubble shooting game brought to you by Armor Games. Prepare yourself for frantic battles in Bubble Tanks 2 to improve your skills and wipe out all the disturbing enemies! Similar to the first version, Bubble Tanks 2 will help you traverse the colossal bubbles in order to defeat and kill all enemy tanks. After destroying the foes, you need to steal their bubbles to accelerate your growth. Don’t let enemies damage you, or else you will be wiped out. Grab more advanced weapons and defeat the final enemy to win the game. Alright, let’s enjoy the Bubble Tanks 2 Hacked now! Much fun!

How To Play

Use key WASD to move, use the mouse for aiming and shooting Hold mouse button for primary fire, tap spacebar for secondary fire.

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